Interview with HellHeaven MetalMusic, 2022

Let me start by slaute you for «Drawn into Madness», how does it feel to be back, especially after these two long years where Covid-19 ruled the world?

Sascha: Thanks alot! All the waiting throughout the last months was terrible, lol. The songs were finished, the artwork was done and we were so stoked to share the new stuff with our fans and friends. But we had to wait for the official announcement, not to talk of the release itself. That is okay but patience is not one of my best virtues :D. We even had the opportunity to film a great music video with our good friends Michael Ciesla and David Thelen, who already produced a couple other FOC and Suidakra videos. We felt like sharing the excitement and euphoria immediately with everyone out there, because we were and are so thrilled. Long story short: now we’re feeling damn great that the first single SESAME SEEDS and the video is out and the release is close.

In 2018 you have released «Emma Green» which had some very good reviews, did that fact increased any impact on the band or some kind of responsability for the new record?

Sascha: No, actually not. We’re always happy about any kind of reaction. But it doesn’t really influence our song-writing and recording. Of course there are all kinds of influences when it comes to making music. But we always do what we feel like in that moment or phase, not really thinking about what’s trendy or what people liked best about our old songs.

With this fourth record would you say that this is the best record of Fall of Carthage or it's just the next, and obvious step for you and that the best is still to come?

Sascha: We’re definitely happy and proud of what we created with DRAWN INTO MADNESS, even after listening to the songs a couple hundred times or so. In our opinion the sound is awesome and the whole album is straight-forward and well-balanced. I wouldn’t want to downgrade any of the other albums, because each of it has its own value imho. Bands tend to say their newest album is the best yet. To be honest i’d rather leave that judgement to the audience.

«Drawn Into Madness» drives the band into a more agressive music and with some of your most furious lyrics, was this something that you needed to do to release all the rage that you keeped over the last years?

Sascha: It just happened, probably subconsciously but when Arkadius and I started working on new material, we didn’t plan to do more aggressive or furious music on purpose. I guess that some rage and aggression is always inside of us, or at least for me that is, i can say that. Sometimes it’s lurking deep inside and the other day it’s surfacing to bluntly show its ugly face, yeah. Writing music is a good tool to try and handle such emotions.

As always Fall of Carthage has a lot of influences on the music, but this time, even if the incluences are still there, you've improved and now there's mucho more of you, as persons, and, let's say, you've created a new identity for the band. Would you agree with the sentence?

Sascha: We do feel like we have evolved, yes. That might be, because Arkadius and I worked together very closely on the songs even though we live miles apart and we didn’t see each other in person while we were recording the album. We learned a lot in the process, especially about the possibilities you have nowadays to record music in home-studios in great quality. There is definately change compared to the first three albums, so yes, i’d agree on the new identity factor.

How did the virus situation influenced the content of the record and what is this «Drawn Into Madness» all about?

Sascha: There are indeed some passages in the lyrics that deal with this pandemic situation that tied us all up for so long. Somehow I think it also helped to make the album what it is. The lockdown and home office at the main job, for example, made it possible to record whenever you wanted and not be forced to cram everything in one after the other. We could take more time and be very flexible.

There's a lot happening in the world nowadays and not is as good as it should. How do you see the world nowadays and how do you the society and politicians behaviour while all this is happening in front of our eyes?

Sascha: Well apart from weird political decisions concerning the pandemic, i think it was and still is shocking to see how people changed. I don’t know if it was the same over there in Finland by the time, but suddenly there was a shortage in things we took for granted like pasta and toilet paper. People started to fight against each other in supermarkets to get some for their own. I wouldn’ t have believed such egoism was real. But it was not only a single case. People became more and more ego-centric, looking for their own health, ignoring the world around them instead of helping each other. It was good to see worldwide empathy for the Ucraine though, but somehow after a couple of months it seems to be forgotten. The media is too strong, they decide what you see, what you know and what you should think is important. That is a huge problem.

The record will be released on September 23, which are your expectations with the record and, after three records and with your experience, do you still feel some ansiety each time a new record is released?

Sascha: Not anxiety but true excitement. Our hearts beat faster everyday while we’re approaching the release date. :D Talking of expectations: First of all we’re just happy being able to share our music with the outside world and we hope that fans and new listeners love this shit as much as we do.

How hard it still is to go on tour and, also, do you have any touring plan on sight? What can we expect on this subject from Fall of Carthage?

Sascha: Man, of course it would be great to be back on stage and hang out with you guys for a few beers, having a good time. But as you say, times have gotten hard. Circumstances on touring and such are bad even for very popular bands right now. We don’t have any gig planned atm, not even here in Germany. But who knows…

What is the message you leave to your portuguese fans…

Sascha: Oh, we’d really love to hear what our portuguese listeners think! It’s great to see there are people out there all around the world, that seem to like what we do. Unfortunately it’s not easy to really get in contact when you’re not touring. But please don’t hold back comments or drop us a line if you want to.

In case of interest i invite you to descibe, in a few words, each some of «Drawn into Madness», this will feature on other segment called Discurdo Directo (Direct Speech) .

In short, here’s what each song on DRAWN INTO MADNESS is about

SESAME SEEDS: Pondering, thinking too much, the wish to calm down and take things easier.

SLIPPING THROUGH THE WALL: Fake news, lies, rumors, covid deniers.

TRUE OBLIVION: Jealousy, vengeance. It’s a dialogue of someone with his mirror image.

DUG UNDER: Unreliability, anger, disappointment. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

SMELL OF THE OAK: War, pandemic, racism. Last chance: solidarity, stick together.

BLOODWATER: Payback with my father.

CAUSE OF MY DEATH: Alcoholism.

ABSURD FORMULAE: Weird thoughts and desires, missed chances and the Wu-Tang Clan :D