Interview with METALLILUOLA (Finland), 2022

published October, 17th 2022

What is the name of the band?

Fall Of Carthage

What genre do you play?

Mostly Groove Metal we’d say

What is in the band?

You mean who? That’s Arkadius Antonik and Sascha Aßbach atm.

Where does the band come from?

We’re located in Germany, living in different states though

Who are the bands influencing your sound?

Sascha: Too many to list and not only metal, but to name a few: Machine Head, Refused, Breach, Pantera, Downset, Korn, Biohazard. Arkadius: My main influences are The Ghost Inside, old Parkway drive stuff and bands like Pantera and Machine Head.

Tell us the background story of your band!

Back in 2014 Arkadius wanted to do something new apart from SuidAkrA. We got to know each other through Martin in whose studio SuidAkrA recorded a couple of albums. We did a few demo songs and the fire was lit. Shortly after our debut album BEHOLD was recorded. And since then we’ve been creating new music together.

What kind of goals does your band have?

First of all, making music is a passion for us. It’s always been fun being creative together, try to step across borders concerning genres and such. Seeing that some people out there love what we do is awesome and motivating AF.

What is the division of labor in your band?

On this new album: Composing, songwriting, guitars, bass, production, mix and master was done by Arkadius. Sascha did the lyrics and vocals as well as the designs.

What kind of experience offers your band live and why should we come to your band's gigs?

Well, unfortunately there are no planned live gigs atm.

What’s the name of your latest album?

Our new upcoming 4th album is called “DRAWN INTO MADNESS”

Open the backgrounds of your new album. What has been the inspiration for the album?

Making new FOC-songs in the first place. We were hungry.

Which band would you most like to tour the world with?

There is not that ONE band we would like to tour with. We’re not playing live at all atm but just in case we would, then we would love to be on tour with a band that just wants to have a great time on the road, just like we do.

If two songs from a new album / old production were to be recommended, what would they be and why?

SESAME SEEDS from DRAWN INTO MADNESS, which is the first single of the new album. And probably DAWN OF THE ENEMY from our first album BEHOLD.

What music is bumping into your band right now?

Sascha loves listening to NF, BAEST & GET THE SHOT atm. Arkadius is listening to all kinds of music, from Rock, Metal to Classic. No matter what genre…

Other things you want to say about your band?

Why not make your own picture and give FOC a try, music speaks more than words, right? ;)

What kind of greetings do you want to send to your readers?

Well, thanks alot for your interest. Sending a shout out to Finland. Hope some of you guys like our shit. 👊